Customized order ouside of Bulgaria

1.00 лв.10.00 лв.

For customers outside of Bulgaria:

If you have difficulties ordering our products in the usual way, we give you this option.

  1. Make a list of the remedies you want to purchase (please mention the potencies, whether you want granules or solutions, and if granules, how many – 20 or 80). Usually, we offer vials with 80 granules or liquid forms in 10 ml. bottles. With some remedies, we offer 20 granules, as well. All the HDT remedies are in sets of 4 potencies in smaller vials of 20 granules as well as in bigger vials of 80 granules. You can order separately any potency of any HDT remedy we hold in stock.
  2. Send us your order through the menu Contact us or on Viber – tel. +359 894 434614.
  3. We’ll send you back a confirmation of which remedies we can deliver and how much they cost, including Postage & Packing, in leva (BGN) ( 1 EUR = 1.95 BGN).
  4. You can pay the order by choosing the correct amount of money. For example, if the cost of your order is 58 BGN, you can choose 5 x 10 BGN and 8 x 1 BGN. Then you can pay via PayPal or directly to our bank account.
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1 BGN, 10 BGN


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