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How to take correctly homeopathic medicines

Choosing the Right Dose

Granules and drops are the main forms of homeopathic medicines.
Dosage of granules: The usual dose is 1-2 granules.
Dosage of drops: The usual dose is 2-3 drops.
Do not change the dose at your own discretion: It is important to follow the instructions of the homeopath.
Follow the doctor’s instructions: Each patient is unique and the dose may differ from case to case.
Reaction after taking homeopathic medicines
Follow the reaction: After taking the homeopathic medicine, it is important to observe the reaction of your body. Homeopathy is based on the principle of likeness, and this can lead to different reactions.
Typical reactions after taking homeopathic medicines: Temporary reactions after taking homeopathic medicines can be combined:
Drowsiness: If you feel drowsy after taking the homeopathic medicine, this may be a sign that your body is recovering and directing its energies towards healing. Just lie down and get some sleep.
Temporary intensification of symptoms: A temporary intensification of your accompanying symptoms after taking the homeopathic remedy may be called “initial aggravation”. This is always part of the clearing process and may be followed by improvement. Wait a few hours or contact your homeopath.
Rashes and secretions: Rashes and secretions may appear as a reaction after taking the homeopathic medicine. They are often a sign that the body is trying to clear itself of toxins and abnormalities. each of these can last several days.
Strong emotions: Homeopathic remedies can trigger strong emotions as part of the healing process, especially if emotions have previously been repressed. Each of these reactions can lead to changes in relationships with others. For example, a person who has allowed himself to be taken advantage of may begin to stand up for himself and seek rights. Or one of the spouses may seek a divorce. Or an employee may be paid by his boss who harasses him. Or one can change one’s job. Possibilities vary according to circumstances. The disease is also expressed in the acceptance of the way of life that is not useful for us, this cure can change the way of life.
Changes in sleep: Your sleep may change after taking a homeopathic medicine, and this is always temporary.
How to know that the medicine works: It is important that the different reactions after taking the homeopathic medicine from the development of the disease. A gradual improvement in symptoms after taking the medicine, even after a temporary worsening, can be a sign that the homeopathic medicine is working. But if the medicine is not correctly selected, the disease simply follows its course. The most important thing is to keep in touch with your homeopath and report any reactions and changes to ensure successful continuation of treatment.

Change in Symptoms

Change in symptoms: It is important to monitor changes in symptoms after starting homeopathic treatment.
Consult your homeopath: If new symptoms or changes occur after starting treatment, consult your homeopath.
Regular Consultations with the Homeopath and Change of Treatment
Regular meetings with the homeopath are key to successful treatment. The homeopath analyzes your reactions and progress at each consultation. If the homeopath determines a need, he can change your treatment. Homeopathy is based on the individual approach and focuses on the individual needs and symptoms of the patient. The homeopath selects an appropriate homeopathic preparation after gathering detailed information about the patient’s health status, medical history, and symptoms. The prescription is according to the individual symptoms and needs of the patient.

Homeopathy is an individual approach to treatment based on the principle of similarity and the individual needs of patients. Proper administration of homeopathic remedies follows careful monitoring and cooperation with your homeopath. By choosing the homeopathic treatment and the following instructions of your homeopath, you can achieve optimal results and improve your health. Remember to maintain open communication with your homeopath and share any reactions and changes to ensure successful continuation of treatment.

Changing the potency and changing the drug

If, after starting use, you notice that the improvement offsets or stops, it may be wise to repeat the dose in that potency. This is done in consultation with your homeopath.
Higher Power Thinking:
sometimes, after a series of administrations of the same potency without sufficient improvement, the homeopath may suggest a higher potency of this remedy. This depends on individual patient responses and the treatment process.
Looking for Another Medicine:
If, however, a series of doses of different potencies of the same remedy do not improve, your homeopath may offer a comment.

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