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Homeoprophylaxis, Pulmo Protect 1 and COVID-19

Dr Peter Naydenov and Dr Vilma Mihailova are experienced homeopaths, specialists in homeopathic detox therapy and pioneers of homeoprophylaxis in Bulgaria. This article reflects their views on homeoprophylaxis of COVID-19. You can see their opinion on the homeopathic treatment of COVID-19 here.

Homeoprophylaxis was documented for the first time in 1801 when Samuel Hahnemann described how to use Belladonna to prevent scarlet fever. Since then, homeopathy successfully prevents and cures various ailments, including diseases of children, as well as serious epidemics and tropical diseases.

Nosodes are usually used for homeoprophylaxis – that is, preparations made using tissues and secretions of diseased people – in this case, lung tissue or secretions from COVID-19 patients. So far we do not know when such a nosode will be available, although it is probably already being prepared somewhere in the world.

At AVITA Pharmacy we are ready to produce COVID-19 nosode in all the necessary potencies as we have the only potentizing machine in Bulgaria. For this purpose we need a will for cooperation from clinics where confirmed cases of COVID-19 are treated. Fellow doctors just have to take secrets from at least ten patients, to mix them up and put them in 70% medical alcohol to kill the viruses and then pass them on to us to potentiate them, according to the rules of homeopathic pharmacopoeia. As medical alcohol has already killed viruses and other germs, the process is completely safe for the pharmacists’ health.

In homeopathy for centuries, there have been various types of nosodes. We use them in potencies above 12 C for safety reasons, since there is no material substance left after this dilution in homeopathic remedies. Thus, these nosodes are completely safe for the health, do not bring into the body any molecule of the original substances, but only energy and information, and comply with the principle “Primum non nocere” (First, do no harm).

Comments on COVID-19 from leading homeopaths

According to Prof. George Vithoulkas, it is more about treating early symptoms that are not yet noticed by the sick, rather than prevention. This is sometimes possible to do with remedies called “Genus epidemicus” – ie. such remedies that most closely match the most common symptoms of the disease. He recommends collecting reliable symptoms till the most common picture of the disease is outlined, and looking for homeopathic remedies that fit the picture. He is not a supporter of homeoprophylaxis.

Regarding the new pandemic of COVID-19, Dr. Isaac Golden, who has extensive experience in homeoprophylaxis, advises that a combined homeopathic remedy is prepared, to include various remedies that cover the main symptoms of the clinical picture of the disease: Influenzinum, Pneumococcinum, Bacillinum, Arsenicum album, Gelsemium, Bryonia, Antimonium tartaricum and Justicia adhatoda. For some remedies, he indicates potency of 200 C, and for others 1 M.

Other homeopaths, such as Dr. Farukh Master, recommend Justicia adhatoda at low potency 3x, which is more like a tincture, ie. herb in a material dose. (In this regard, in our opinion, when necessary, Kofol syrup should be added, which also contains this herb along with turmeric and licorice. The syrup acts as an expectorant and soothes the cough when it is already present in the course of the disease).

According to Dr. Rajan Sankaran, Camphora officinalis might be a very good cure for COVID-19 and can also be taken for prophylactic purposes. He recommends for prevention two doses of 1 M potency taken 2 days apart.

Camphora is of the Magnolidae family. Its theme is to close yourself, to surround yourself with a wall from the outside world, to live in your own small, secure world, in which things are clear while everything outside is uncertain. This seems to be an important perception in this new epidemic of COVID-19, which has created a state of emergency in many countries around the world, closing state borders and cities and leaving people in their own small world. It affirms the idea that the outside world is dangerous and insecure, and gathering of many people in one place should not be allowed.

The main symptoms of Camphora are:

  • extreme exhaustion that grows rapidly and leads to sudden collapse,
  • cold sweat and severe respiratory failure,
  • a relatively clear consciousness and lack of anxiety.

There are many other symptoms as well, but not every patient necessarily shows all the symptoms – it is enough to have only several of them to possibly benefit from this remedy:

  • excruciating forehead headache;
  • fever up to 38.5 with shaking and chills until convulsions;
  • cold forehead and cold limbs;
  • he is cold but does not tolerate covering;
  • he must lie down, and is not even able to sit;
  • desire for cold drinks or lack of thirst;
  • throat irritation causing cough;
  • aggravation by the slightest touch.

Camphora is also indicated in more advanced phases of serious illness or emergencies (eg, drowning), while death approaches and nervous, lung and cardiac activity rapidly deteriorate. In such situations of collapse, we should consider this medicine as well as Carbo Vegetabilis.

According to Dr. Manish Bhatia, most useful for COVID-19 are Bryonia, Lycopodium, Gelsemium, Kalium carbonicum.

Other sources recommend Eupatorium and Mercurius solubilis.

For the time being most of the world’s leading homeopaths are trying to find the Genus epidemicus, but there is hardly a single remedy to help all diseased. Therefore, in our view, it is reasonable to approach the method proposed by Dr. Golden, namely, to make a combination remedy and to use it to prepare the immune system of people in the most at-risk groups to deal with the complications of COVID-19.

In our opinion, the recent recommendations for taking a single remedy are not universally applicable and justified because different people have different needs. Experience so far shows that in different places good results have been achieved with different remedies. So we decided to make this unusual move – to create a combination preparation.

As representatives of classical homeopathy, we are generally not supporters of combination medicines. In this case, given Dr. Golden’s vast experience that involves the observation and analysis of huge groups of people (millions) in various epidemics, including those who have taken combined homeopathic remedies, we have decided to offer everyone who wants a new homeopathic remedy: Pulmo Protect 1.

For those colleagues who are interested in more detail, we will elaborate that in the case of the current pandemic, this combination remedy will be a means of short-term homeoprophylaxis. It includes the most recognized homeopathic remedies useful in the treatment of severe respiratory illnesses and bronchopneumonia, associated with various microbes, including COVID-19 and its complications. Pulmo Protect 1 includes medicines for which consensus has already been formed in the homeopathic circles.

We named this preparation Pulmo Protect 1, as in the future it may be necessary to prepare future versions according to changes in the COVID-19. When we make a nosode, it will be added to the preparation for even more specific action.

In developing Pulmo Protect 1, we have combined our solid expertise in medicine, classic homeopathy, homeopathic detox therapy and homeoprophylaxis. We appeal to colleagues around the world to assist us and give us feedback by sharing their observations. Pulmo Protect 1 can be ordered online here.

We invite you to leave comments, reviews and suggestion at and/or in the special Facebook group.

Humanity has not faced such a challenge so far. On one hand, it is claimed that most healthy people can go through COVID-19 just with a slight discomfort and recover within a few days. On the other hand, the disease has a high mortality rate in older people and people with chronic ill health. Underestimating the danger, and given the long incubation period when infected people transmit the virus to others, normal social contacts lead to a rapid increase in the infected population and to overburden of the healthcare system, which has already occurred in some countries with devastating effects. This led to the state of emergency in many countries around the world, with unpredictable implications for the economy as a whole and for the physical and mental health of every family and every person.

Emergency situations require emergency measures. This is why we decided to offer the new Pulmo Protect 1 homeopathic combination remedy. Here follow our arguments what we expect here in Bulgaria, and then in other places, of course:

  • There is a good homeopathic school in Bulgaria with over 25 years of experience. There are enough professional homeopaths to advise and assist in the administration of a new homeopathic remedy.
  • Many general practitioners in Bulgaria use homeopathy in their practice and may gather feedback on the effect of the drug.
  • The epidemic situation in Bulgaria is still under control, so it will show whether those taking this medicine as a prophylaxis will really be protected from the clinical symptoms of COVID-19.
  • There are probably quite a few people who are in the incubation period – when the Genus Epidemicus is especially helpful because it cures the most common symptoms, and then they are in the bud itself and can be stopped more easily.
  • The drug is harmless and, when taken correctly, does not involve any risk of side effects. This complies with the basic rule in medicine “Primum non nocere”.
  • The absence of any alternative, as vaccine is not yet available, makes it appropriate this medicine to be used by certain groups of people, for whom it would be most beneficial, and by others who wish to take it. Of course, this would mean conscious and voluntary use of the medicine.
  • We also join the group of recipients in order to test its efficiency and to protect ourselves. We urge all fellow physicians and homeopaths also to do so in order to gather data on its effect.
  • It is more correct to do something than do nothing. Even if this type of homeoprophylaxis doesn’t help that much, it certainly won’t hurt if taken according to the instructions we give.
  • According to Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, founder of homeopathy, being involved in proving homeopathic remedies is very beneficial to health, because any remedy can teach us something on an energy level and improve our vitality.
  • If our vital force does not respond, the medicine either does not act or helps us in a subtle way, and if we respond, it means that we needed it and it triggered some processes in the body, probably beneficial to health.
  • Everyone would take the remedy according to the instructions and can always stop taking it and antidote it if needed, without any harm to their health.
  • The price of the remedy is very affordable, given that a single package is enough for homeoprophylaxis of the whole family. This is also the reason for offering a pack of 80 granules (family) or 20 granules (individual).

The main thing that motivates us in this case is the health of all people, and especially those of the risk groups. We believe that after 25 years of experience in homeopathy and 40 years of medical practice, we are able to understand what can be good for human health.

We are ready to face criticism and rejection, including by some of our teachers in classical homeopathy whom we respect very much. As we already said, exceptional circumstances give rise to the need for extraordinary measures. In our opinion, now is a good time to check the effectiveness of homeoprophylaxis and the medicines offered for the Genus epidemicus.

Dr. Eduard Bach, who is a major contributor to homeopathy as a discoverer of bowel nosodes, has been working with another system, flower remedies, for the rest of his life. He has used them individually and in combinations, usually allowing for mixing up to seven flower remedies, and even in exceptional cases he has applied eight at a time.

Peter Chappell, who is well-known for the PC-remedies, has already introduces a new type of homeopathic remedies that work with particular diseases. He was our first teacher in homeopathy and we know him as a devoted healer who decided to go to Africa to treat people with AIDS. There are not many homeopaths who would choose such a life. And although I am not sure about the way he prepares his PC-remedies, I know for a fact that they are not the usual single remedies.

The Law of Similars as used in homeopathy today, as well as the Simplex principle, is only partially understood. Should we use only single elements, or only naturally occurring minerals, or only classical remedies? What about layers, complementary remedies, successions of remedies? What about low-potency combinations, etc.? If we don’t experiment with homeoprophylaxis in cases like epidemics, how could we learn anything new? Moreover, shouldn’t this process be led by our teachers? If now in several countries, there are provings of new remedies, such as Belladonna was proved by Hahnemann in the scarlet fever epidemics two centuries ago, maybe we could nudge homeopathy forward.

Samuel Hahnemann was an Aries, with Moon and Mercury in Aries. He was a real pioneer, not afraid of exploring uncharted territories and not afraid of mistakes. We need people like him now, as the old world is coming to its end and the new information age is approaching. So let this be our modest contribution to the transformation process that has already begun. At worst, we will shake (a bit) the classical homeopathy boat, and at best, we will help many people.

In any case, short-term use of Pulmo Protect 1 will not hurt anyone. In our opinion, the results should be evaluated after 1 month, 3 months and 6 months. We suggest that the evaluation be conducted through an online survey with standard questions, answered by all people taking the medicine.

Of course, it may happen that until then this new coronavirus mutates or disappears on its own, as happened with SARS and MERS viruses, and it could turn out that no homeoprophylaxis was needed. Moreover, the application of homeoprophylaxis does not mean that if one becomes ill, he or she should not be treated the way used in the relevant system of medicine – be it allopathic, homeopathic, naturopathic or combined.

Attention! We emphasize that if someone wants to be treated with homeopathy, when clear symptoms of COVID-19 appear, he or she should stop the homeoprophylaxis and contact a professional homeopath for individualized treatment.

Pulmo Protect 1 is produced in two potencies (200 C and 1 M), as in our opinion the individual reaction to the remedy should first be checked by taking the lower potency, and only then should the higher be applied, in order to have a longer lasting effect.

Pulmo Protect 1 200

Ingredients: Influenzinum 200 C, Pneumococcinum 200 C, Bacillinum 200 C, Arsenicum album 200 C, Gelsemium sempervirens 200 C, Bryonia alba 200 C, Antimonium tartaricum 200 C, Camphora officinalis 200 C

Method of administration:

– 1 granule every two weeks prophylactically, a total of 2 doses (4 weeks), followed by a 2 week break and then the higher potency is started.

– 1 granule per week if there is a possible contact with virus carriers, 4 doses (4 weeks in a row), followed by a 1 week break and then the higher potency is started.

– 1 granule every two days in case there is daily contact with COVID-19 patients, but not more than 10 days, after which a 3 day break is taken and then the higher potency is started.

On one hand, this mode of administration is consistent with avoiding the onset of undesirable symptoms (proving) and, on the other, maximizing the preventative effect when there is intensifying contact with pathogenic agents.

Pulmo Protect 1 M

Ingredients: Influenzinum 1M, Pneumococcinum 1M, Bacillinum 1M, Arsenicum album 1M, Gelsemium sempervirens 1M, Bryonia alba 1M, Antimonium tartaricum 1M, Camphora officinalis 1M

In the case of a prolonged epidemic and if there has been a good effect of Pulmo Protect 1 200 (no disease), one should move to higher potency. According to Dr. Golden, this could reduce the possibility of proving (reaction) and increase chances for the long-term protection.

Pulmo Protect 1 M is taken as a single dose of 2 granules, after a month a triple dose is taken within 24 hours – which means 3 doses of 2 granules 12 hours apart, for example at 8am, 10pm and then 8pm the next morning. Then, in every following wave of this epidemic, for example after a year, a single dose of 1M may be taken directly, or two doses 12 hours apart.

In the case of a very large epidemic, the intake schedule may change as follows:

– Pulmo Protect 200 – single dose and after a week triple dose,
– one week break
– Pulmo Protect M – single dose and after 2 weeks triple dose.

In most cases, there will be no reaction to the remedy, and it will simply familiarize the body with the most common disease symptoms at an energy level, so if the person eventually becomes ill, the illness will take its normal course without causing great harm. In the unlikely cases when any unpleasant reactions occur, the remedy should be stopped, which is sufficient to make the reactions disappear. If necessary, in such a case consult a homeopath.

If there is reaction, we should always stop the remedy and let the body continue on its own. After a time – say, 2-3 weeks, when the reaction ceases, we can take again only one granule of the same potency.

If a person happens to be very sensitive to homeopathic remedies and gets a strong reaction, he may need, as an exception, to chew peppermints or drink coffee as antidote. This is not recommended in principle if we want to retain the benefits of Pulmo Protect 1.

As with all other homeopathic remedies, one should avoid coffee, peppermint, camphora, eucalyptus oil and other highly odorant substances, as well as more serious dental interventions or surgery.


Based on the homeopathic remedies included in Pulmo Protect 1, here is whom this drug is suitable for:

  • Elderly people who have reduced life energy, feel colder, move more slowly, are afraid of infections, and are somewhat rigid and fastidious so they do not like to change their habits
  • People with chronic pulmonary and heart diseases who experience coughing, collecting phlegm in the lungs, shortness of breath, fatigue from physical exertion and worsening at night lying in the bed with their head low
  • People with diabetes mellitus, especially those whose blood sugar is not maintained within normal limits and complications have already occurred from the disease.
  • People whose immune system is weakened, who are more likely to have respiratory infections and are prone to complications such as bronchitis and pneumonia
  • People who take immunosuppressants, corticosteroids, antibiotics and other medical drugs that suppress the immune system, because of organ transplantation and diseases such as bronchial asthma, autoimmune and malignancies, chronic liver, kidney and other diseases, etc.
  • People in a seemingly good health who have been taking for a long time several allopathic drugs, such as antihypertensives, statins, anticoagulants, antidepressants, antibiotics, antifungals, cytostatics, contraceptives and other hormonal drugs, as well as other drugs known to strain the liver, the kidneys, the digestive system and to have toxic side effects.
  • People who are afraid of diseases and feel they may not be able to cope if they are infected with a more serious viral infection, such as COVID-19
  • Medical professionals, police officers, taxi drivers, social workers, transport workers, shopkeepers, pharmacists, employees of banks and other institutions who are in daily contact with potential virus carriers or COVID-19 patients
  • People who are rather materialists and atheists, their lives revolve around work and money, they prefer to live in isolation and save money because they are afraid of poverty, and are very afraid of becoming infected and dying
  • People over the age of 40-50 – in case they want to do something for prevention (since this remedy is harmless).

Whom is this remedy not meant for?

  • It is not for COVID-19 patients, as they should be treated by an experienced homeopath according to their individual symptoms.
  • It is not for young, healthy, robust, optimistic people who do not take any allopathic medicines, rarely get sick, easily cope with flu-like infections, and are not prone to bronchitis and pneumonia.
  • It is not for children because children are generally able to overcome COVID-19 easily or without symptoms, unless the children are seriously ill, if there are serious chronic diseases (miasms) in their families, or when they belong to one of the groups listed above.

We emphasize again that Pulmo Protect 1 has no contraindications and can be taken by all people, especially if they are over the age of 40-50, as it is harmless.

What additional measures do we recommend?

For many years, we have had extensive positive experience with the application of superfoods from microalgae, colostrum, essential fatty acids, probiotics and nutritional supplements, as well as specific products containing zinc, selenium, magnesium, boron, vitamin C and E, etc. In our opinion, they are of great benefit if we want to approach the treatment holistically. Unfortunately, some homeopaths underestimate the importance of cellular nutrition and supplementation, and this hinders the achievement of the desired results in both treatment and prophylaxis despite properly selected homeopathic remedies.

We remind our homeopathic colleagues to re-read § 77 of the Organon:

Diseases caused by continual exposure to avoidable noxious factors are not true chronic diseases. Health returns spontaneously when the obstacle to cure is removed, provided there is no chronic miasm in the body. Those diseases are improperly called chronic that are suffered by people who: 1. continually expose themselves to avoidable malignities, 2. habitually partake of harmful food or drink, 3. abandon themselves to intemperances of all kinds, which undermine health, 4. undergo prolonged deprivation of things that are necessary for life, 5. live in unhealthy places (especially marshy areas), 6. reside only in cellars, damp workplaces or other confined quarters, 7. suffer lack of exercise or open air, 8. deprive themselves of health by excessive mental or bodily exertions, 9. live in constant vexation, etc. These kinds of ill-health that people bring upon themselves disappear spontaneously under an improved lifestyle, provided no chronic miasm lies in the body. These cannot be called chronic diseases. (Hahnemann, Samuel. Organon of the Medical Art (Kindle Locations 1886-1896). Birdcage Press. Kindle Edition.)

Those colleagues, who want to know more about the products we recommend, can contact us.

You can order Pulmo Protect 1 here

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Ton Jansen – Founder of HDT

The eminent Dutch homeopath Ton Jansen has been working for three decades already on achieving a quick, gentle and lasting cure for his patients and has been looking for ways to adapt homeopathy to the changing and increasingly toxic world around us.

In 2014, he was invited for his first HDT course in Bulgaria by Dr. Peter Naydenov – a holistic physician-homeopath with a rich experience of over three decades. Several more workshops were organized afterwards in Bulgaria, where dozens of doctors were taught how to ise this new method, and many patients from Bulgaria started to consult with Ton Jansen on the Internet. To the general public in Bulgaria he is known for his participation in a popular New Television TV show “Coffee with Gala”.

Meanwhile, he wrote a book ” Fighting Fire with Fire: Homeopathic Detox Therapy”, published also in Bulgaria by Anhira Publishing House, which explains how to apply the HDT method to achieve better results in homeopathic practices.

In September 2018, Ton Jansen was once again in Bulgaria. We asked him some questions…

Does the HDT method continue to evolve, does it find support from homeopaths in other countries? In what countries has it been spread so far?

The development of the method is great, the number of homeopaths familiar with HDD is growing, we also have many new things – such as how to work with vitamins and minerals, how to potentize them so that we can increase their effectiveness …

I have international seminars in the Netherlands with homeopaths from all over the world. I have had seminars in Europe in countries such as the UK, the Czech Republic, Serbia, Austria … Here I am again in Bulgaria … We also have support on other continents, not only in Europe. I was recently in Brazil, for example, working with doctors and therapists who were very enthusiastic and invited me to go again. I did a seminar with many people also in Cairo, Egypt …

You have had experience of several years in introducing HDT to Bulgaria. What is your estimation of the growing interest in Bulgaria?

In Bulgaria, the interest in the method is growing. But we need even greater enthusiasm and understanding that we are talking about supplementing homeopathy, about the “Missing Link”. We also talk about human chemistry as a whole. More and more new body substances are being explored and included in our “work instruments”, expanding the possibilities of homeopathy. We can find a way through this new knowledge to work with allopathic doctors and general practitioners who are not homeopaths …

How can homeopaths and their patients in Bulgaria provide the various HDT remedies in an easy and accessible way?

In Bulgaria there is a new homeopathic pharmacy – AVITA, which offers hundreds of medicines used in HDT. Everything there is designed to make it easier to practice the HDT method. Both homeopathic practitioners and also patients can now order at AVITA quality HDT preparations made on site with substances that I have personally selected or I have cooperated to be appropriately supplied. These starting substances are manufactured in the Hahnemann Pharmacy in the Netherlands, with whom I have been cooperating for years.

Before my seminar in Bulgaria in September, I visited the homeopathic pharmacy AVITA and I was convinced on the spot what a great work had been done. I met people – involved in this project – who have put a lot of work, money and love so that homeopaths in this region of Europe might have access to original medicines for HDT. That’s why I support this endeavor!

What is the focus of your new book you are preparing?

In fact, I’m preparing two new books.

One is about herbal medicines, which is my favourite subject, because before I started working as a homeopath, I have studied the plant kingdom in great detail. For example, one of my exams at the university of botanic consisted of recognizing and naming with their Latin names hundreds of pieces of plants that were scattered in the exam room – roots, stems, branches, leaves, flowers, etc. Besides, not only do I know the plants when I meet them in nature but I also know what their healing properties can be … Such books already exist but my own will be based on many years of personal experience and will present the medicines in a little known aspect …

The other book will include descriptions of over 300 successful cases cured by my method. The main focus of the book is to make the link between human chemistry and classical homeopathy. There will be many concrete examples of combining the so-called “classical homeopathy” with the application of various detox preparations, bodily substances, etc., to help the readers realise how homeopathy has worked before and what healing options are available by applying the new medicines.

Years ago, when I was starting my practice, I was treating my patients in the classic way, but after some improvement they were returning to me with the same complaints. I gave them the classic preparations again, and they once again had some effect, but did not heal them permanently. Then I started with HDT – so we acted with both classical methods and HDT. The combination was stronger – my patients did not come back again, they were cured.

These will be some highlights of my new books! We already have an agreement with “Anhira” Publishing House for these books to appear in Bulgaria too!

An interview by Eli Horozova

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Домашна хомеопатична аптечка за деца

Скъпи майки,

Представете си: събота вечер е, през деня сте ходили на разходка с детето, после сте готвили, чистили, уморени сте… Мъжът ви може и да си е пийнал… Тъкмо сте приспали детето и искате да се порадвате на заслужен отдих, и то взема, че се събужда с плач. Оказва се, че го боли ухо и температурата е 39,6! Аптеките са затворени, вашият семеен доктор не отговаря, а мъж ви не може да ви закара на дежурен кабинет. Сещате се за телефона на хомеопата, той ви препоръчва лекарството Аконит 200 С или Ферум фосфорикум 30 С, но няма откъде да ги купите по това време. А в дежурната аптека има само много ниски потенции… Междувременно малкото ви дете почва и да кашля, даже повръща, горкичкото. То ви гледа с едни такива очи, че ви иде да се гръмнете!

Защо да си го причинявате? Няма ли да е много по-лесно, ако имате подръка всички лекарства, които ви трябват, за да реагирате адекватно в такава и в много други ситуации?

Спокойно, помислили сме за всичко (е, или поне за повечето проблеми, с които най-често се сблъсквате като родители). Та нали затова се занимаваме с детско здраве вече толкова време. По-точно, двамата заедно имаме над 70 години опит, а като добавим и книгите, в които е съхранен опита на колегите отпреди нас, се събират векове…

Лекарствата в тази аптечка са подбрани внимателно от д-р Вилма Михайлова и д-р Петър Найденов – водещи детски лекари хомеопати с многогодишен опит в своята област. Всяко семейство, в което има деца, трябва да разполага с тези лекарства, защото те помагат за справяне с най-често срещаните болести и травми в детската възраст

Списък на включените лекарства:

Aconitum napellus 200 C                  Euphrasia 30 C

Allium cepa 30 C                               Ferrum phosphoricum 30 C

Antimonium tartaricum 30 C            Gelsemium 30 C

Apis melifica 30 C                             Hepar sulph 30 C

Arnica montana 30 C                        Hypericum  30 C

Arsenicum album 30 C                     Ipecacuanha 30 C

Belladonna 30 C                               Ledum pallustre 30 C

Cantharis vesicatoria 30 C               Mercurius sollubilis 30 C

Chamomilla officinalis 30 C             Podophyllum 30 C

Cina maritima 200 C                        Pulsatilla 200 C

Coccus cacti 30 C                             Spongia tosta 30 C

Drosera rotundifolia 30 C                Stramonium 200 C

Поръчайте домашната хомеопатична аптечка за деца оттук!

Как да давате лекарствата на децата си

Гранулките не се пипат с ръце. Внимателно се изсипват една-две гранули в капачето на шишенцето и оттам направо в устата на детето. То може да ги смуче до разтопяване или да ги схруска.

При бебета, ако се страхувате да не се задавят (което е малко вероятно)  може да разтворите една гранула в една лъжичка (неметална) вода и  бебето да я изпие.

20-30 минути преди и след приемане на лекарството детето не бива да се храни или да приема течности.

След като сте дали една доза, чакайте и наблюдавайте детето си за признаци, че лекарството действа – например, детето се успокоява и заспива, температурата спада, симптомите се облекчават, потичат секреции. Ако до един час след приемане на първата доза няма промяна, отново оценете състоянието на детето. Ако сте сигурни, че сте избрали точното лекарство, може да го повторите, а ако състоянието изисква друго лекарство от аптечката, дайте него. Не повтаряйте лекарството, ако е подействало – изчакайте докато действието му отмине

Разбира се, лекарствата в тази аптечка са само за първа помощ и винаги е за предпочитане да се консултирате с квалифициран хомеопат – например, по телефона. От друга страна, те ще ви бъдат много полезни, защото могат да ви спасят при неочаквано възникнали проблеми, когато около вас няма лекари.

Не ви препоръчваме да лекувате сами децата си, но разполагайки с тази аптечка, винаги можете бързо да реагирате, докато се свържете с вашия хомеопат.

Хомеопатичните лекарства са безвредни – дори детето да погълне всички лекарства от аптечката, това няма да има никакви лоши последствия за него. Все пак, не допускайте това, но ако се случи, добре е да му дадете ментов чай или ментова дъвка с цел антидотиране.

Поръчайте домашната хомеопатична аптечка за деца оттук!

Описание на симптомите, характерни за всяко лекарство

Ако симптомите на вашето дете приличат на тези в описанието на някое от долните лекарства, може да опитата да го дадете един път или най-много два пъти (през половин час), докато се свържете със специалист. Не ви препоръчваме самолечение, но все пак може да си помогнете. Не бива да повтаряте често лекарствата или да ги редувате безразборно, за да не объркате картината.

Aconitum napellus 200 C – висока температура с внезапно начало след остро простудяване от студен вятър, климатик, къпане в студена вода. Крупозна кашлица (суха, лаеща), която започва след полунощ. Сухо, зачервено лице без изпотяване. Последствия от внезапна, неочаквана силна уплаха.

Allium cepa 30 C – в началната фаза на настинки с обилна, водниста хрема с кихане и сълзотечение. Секретът от носа дразни кожата. Сенна хрема. Влошаване в топло помещение и вечер. Подобряване на свеж въздух. Суха, непрестанна кашлица с болки в ларинкса и главоболие.

Antimonium tartaricum 30 C – тежка, задушаваща, влажна кашлица, отдалеч се чува хъркане в гърдите и трудно отхрачване. Малки деца и бебета с бронхиолит, които са с лошо настроение, отпаднали, с посиняване на устните или кожата, с бели дробове задръстени от секрети, нямат сили да отхрачват, хленчат и се вкопчват в майка си. Улеснява отхрачването

Apis melifica 30 C – след ужилвания от пчели и ухапвания от насекоми, при розови отоци със сърбеж, които се подобряват от студено (вода) и се влошават от топлина, при слънчево изгаряне и изгаряния от първа степен, при оток на ларинкса и устата с уголемена и отекла увула, все едно пълна с течност.

Arnica montana 30 C – панацея за травми като падания, контузии, навяхвания, рани и счупвания. Най-добро действие има при тъпи травми с натъртване, цицини и кръвонасядане. Страх от доближаване и докосване. Мозъчни сътресения след травми на главата. Посттравматичен шок, казва, че е добре, въпреки травмата може да не иска да се лекува.

Arsenicum album 30 C – остри хранителни отравяния и инфекции, водещи до повръщане и воднисто, парещо разстройство. Секрециите дразнят кожата около ануса. Повишена температура с дразнеща, пареща хрема и запушен нос. Много зиморничави, подобряват се на топло. Летни диарии с повръщане, например на ново място след лоша храна.

Belladonna 30 C – при много висока температура, която започва внезапно, обикновено нощем. Детето си е легнало здраво, но се буди фебрилно, със зачервено, потно лице, което излъчва топлина на разстояние, блеснали, плувнали очи с разширени зеници. Суха, болезнена кашлица. При слънчасване и слънчево изгаряне с втрисане и много зачервена кожа.

Cantharis vesicatoria 30 C – изгаряния и попарвания с мехури и силно парене, влошаващи се при допир. Цистит с много силни, парещи болки, чести позиви за уриниране, което е много болезнено.

Chamomilla officinalis 30 C – когато децата станат неспокойни, свръхчувствителни към болка, гневни, рездразнителни и непоносими, ритат и се изпъват, но се подобряват от носене и силно люлеене. При никнене на зъби (бузата откъм никнещия зъб е червена и топла, другата е по-студена и по-бледа), при силни болки в ушите или корема, диарични, зеленикави изпражнения и внезапно покачване на температура. Едно от най-важните детски лекарства

Cina maritima 200 C – При деца с лошо настроение, вироглави, недоволни, тръшкат се, лягат на земята и почват да ритат и да удрят с ръце, хвърлят, чупят, не понасят пипане и галене, отмятат си главата назад, сърби ги носът и анусът (глисти). Болки в корема, ненаситен глад или капризен апетит. Психогенна, суха, лаеща, спазматична кашлица (от лошотия), която изчезва по време на сън.

Coccus cacti 30 C – задушаваща, пристъпна кашлица с подуто, зачервено до мораво лице, с гадене и напъни за повръщане, с отделяне на прозрачна, гъста, точеща се на дълги нишки слуз (текат им лиги). Кашлица след простудяване с усещане за гъделичкане в ларинкса или троха в гърлото, влошава се преди полунощ, от топли напитки и топли завивки.Подобрява се от пиене на студена вода.

Drosera 30 C – суха, спастична, лаеща кашлица, на пристъпи, между които детето трудно си поема дъх. Лицето става мораво, има болки в гърдите и корема, които се облекчават от натиск с ръце. При кашляне може да се повръща храна и слуз и да потече кръв от носа. Влошаване от топло, от пиене, от говорене, към 2 ч през нощта.

Euphrasia 30 C – конюнктивит с парещи, боцкащи болки, светобоязън, често мигане и обилно слъзотечеине, което дразни и разранява очите. Клепачите са възпалени и отекли, може да има гнойна секреция от очите. Водниста обилна хрема, секретът от носа не дразни кожата. Влошаване от светлина и подобряване на тъмно. Залпово кихане. Кашлица с обилно отхрачване на слуз.

Ferrum phosphoricum 30 C – остри инфекции с постепенно повишаване на температурата без други характерни симптоми. Бледо лице с червени кръгове на бузите. Отити с болки и зачервяване на ушите. Възпаления на гърлото. Склонност към кървене с яркочервена кръв – от ушите, от носа, при повръщане и уриниране.

Gelsemium 30 C – настинки и грип с постепенно повишаване на температурата, болки в тила и врата, голяма отпадналост с натежаване на клепачите (до невъзможност да държат очите отворени) и болки в мускулите. Студени тръпки, втрисане и треперене. Липса на жажда. Притеснение и страх при изпитване в училище (губят ума и дума, треперят и не могат да кажат нищо), стесняват се да се изказват пред публика. Диария от страх, притеснения, силни емоции. Обилно уриниране с подобряване.

Hepar sulph 30 C – остри гнойни инфекции. Силни болки, влошаващи се от най-малкия допир. Суха, дразнеща, стържеща, лаеща кашлица (ларингит). Недоволни, гневни, раздразнителни. Възпаления на гърлото с пробождащи болки като от забита треска, които отиват и към ушите, особено при гълтане. Подчертана зиморничавост с влошаване от студен въздух и студени храни и напитки. Подобряване от топли компреси и инхалации.

Hypericum 30 C – наранявания и травми на богато инервирани области на тялото, придружени от много силни болки – премазване на нокти и пръсти (например, от вратата на кола), падане върху опашката, травми на гръбнака. Стрелкащи болки нагоре по хода на нервите. Прободни рани на дланите, под ноктите и по ходилата от игли, пирони и трески. Дълбоки ужилвания. За профилактика на тетанус.

Ipecacuanha 30 C – Пристъпна, спастична, задушаваща кашлица, със затруднено дишане, обилно слюноотделяне, гадене и повръщане, които не я успокояват. Бледо лице със склонност към цианоза. Липса на жажда. Болки в корема с повишено слюноотделяне, непрекъснато гадене, повръщане, зелена диария. Астма и бронхит при деца. Влошаване от движение, подобряване от покой и топлина.

Ledum 30 C – травми на очите (насинено око). Кръвонасядане в меките тъкани, отначало синкави, после жълто-зеленикави. Ужилвания от насекоми (профилактика при деца, които са много чувствителни към комари). Прободни рани (от пирони, тръни), при които болката е само в областта на раната. Ухапвания от кучета, змии и отровни животни (първа помощ). Влошаване от движение и затопляне, подобряване от (ледено)студен компрес

Mercurius sollubilis 30 C – възпаления и инфекции на лигавици, уши, сливици, синуси. Птделяне на гъста, лепкава, обилна слюнка. Лош дъх. Отекъл език с белезникаво-жълт налеп и отпечатъци от зъбите по него. Афтозен стоматит и възпаление на венците с кървене при миене на зъбите. Слузно-гнойни, жълто-зелени сополи и храчки. Гнойна ангина, гноен отит. Склонност към разязвяване. Абсцеси със зеленикава гной. Неспокойни, непослушни, опаки деца, които срещат трудности в училище. Влошаване от студ и топлина („жив термометър“)

Podophyllum peltatum 30 C – Диарии при никнене на зъби. Летни диарии при горещини и след преяждане с (кисели) плодове, с болки и къркорене в корема. Обилни, редки, зловонни, жълтеникави изпражнения, които излизат експлозивно, примесени с газове и зацапват цялата тоалетна чиния. Детето може да се наака насън или при изпускане на газове. Влошаване рано сутрин около 4 ч.

Pulsatilla pratensis 200 C – възпаления на дихателните пътища, очите и ушите с гъста, жълто-зеленикава, обилна и недразнеща секреция. Детето иска да го гушнете или да го носите на ръце и не се отделя от вас. Не е жадно, търси утешаване, отвива си краката, не понася топлина в стаята и завиване, подобрява се от проветряване и чист въздух. Симптомите много се менят, например носът е сух и запушен нощем, а денем е с недразнеща, обилна секреция, кашлицата е суха нощем и влажна сутрин и през деня.

Spongia tosta 30 C – остри ларингити след излагане на сух, студен вятър (например след ходене на планина). Оплакванията започват около полунощ при деца, които са се чувствали добре при заспиване. Детето се буди уплашено с чувство, че се задушава. Кашлицата е дрезгава, лаеща, стържеща (звукът е все едно режат с трион чамова дъска) със задух и шумно, свиркащо дишане. Влошаване при лежане. Подобряване от топли напитки и храни.

Stramonium 200 C – изгаряща, много висока температура с бълнуване и гърчове. Зачервено, подуто лице. Детето се буди, почва да пищи и се вкопчва в първия, който му е под ръка, но като че ли не го познава. Погледът му е ужасен. Нощни страхове и кошмари при деца, които са били уплашени или са имали родова травма. Силен страх от кучета и от тъмнина. Не могат да останат само на тъмно.

Поръчайте домашната хомеопатична аптечка за деца оттук!