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Ton Jansen – Founder of HDT

The eminent Dutch homeopath Ton Jansen has been working for three decades already on achieving a quick, gentle and lasting cure for his patients and has been looking for ways to adapt homeopathy to the changing and increasingly toxic world around us.

In 2014, he was invited for his first HDT course in Bulgaria by Dr. Peter Naydenov – a holistic physician-homeopath with a rich experience of over three decades. Several more workshops were organized afterwards in Bulgaria, where dozens of doctors were taught how to ise this new method, and many patients from Bulgaria started to consult with Ton Jansen on the Internet. To the general public in Bulgaria he is known for his participation in a popular New Television TV show “Coffee with Gala”.

Meanwhile, he wrote a book ” Fighting Fire with Fire: Homeopathic Detox Therapy”, published also in Bulgaria by Anhira Publishing House, which explains how to apply the HDT method to achieve better results in homeopathic practices.

In September 2018, Ton Jansen was once again in Bulgaria. We asked him some questions…

Does the HDT method continue to evolve, does it find support from homeopaths in other countries? In what countries has it been spread so far?

The development of the method is great, the number of homeopaths familiar with HDD is growing, we also have many new things – such as how to work with vitamins and minerals, how to potentize them so that we can increase their effectiveness …

I have international seminars in the Netherlands with homeopaths from all over the world. I have had seminars in Europe in countries such as the UK, the Czech Republic, Serbia, Austria … Here I am again in Bulgaria … We also have support on other continents, not only in Europe. I was recently in Brazil, for example, working with doctors and therapists who were very enthusiastic and invited me to go again. I did a seminar with many people also in Cairo, Egypt …

You have had experience of several years in introducing HDT to Bulgaria. What is your estimation of the growing interest in Bulgaria?

In Bulgaria, the interest in the method is growing. But we need even greater enthusiasm and understanding that we are talking about supplementing homeopathy, about the “Missing Link”. We also talk about human chemistry as a whole. More and more new body substances are being explored and included in our “work instruments”, expanding the possibilities of homeopathy. We can find a way through this new knowledge to work with allopathic doctors and general practitioners who are not homeopaths …

How can homeopaths and their patients in Bulgaria provide the various HDT remedies in an easy and accessible way?

In Bulgaria there is a new homeopathic pharmacy – AVITA, which offers hundreds of medicines used in HDT. Everything there is designed to make it easier to practice the HDT method. Both homeopathic practitioners and also patients can now order at AVITA quality HDT preparations made on site with substances that I have personally selected or I have cooperated to be appropriately supplied. These starting substances are manufactured in the Hahnemann Pharmacy in the Netherlands, with whom I have been cooperating for years.

Before my seminar in Bulgaria in September, I visited the homeopathic pharmacy AVITA and I was convinced on the spot what a great work had been done. I met people – involved in this project – who have put a lot of work, money and love so that homeopaths in this region of Europe might have access to original medicines for HDT. That’s why I support this endeavor!

What is the focus of your new book you are preparing?

In fact, I’m preparing two new books.

One is about herbal medicines, which is my favourite subject, because before I started working as a homeopath, I have studied the plant kingdom in great detail. For example, one of my exams at the university of botanic consisted of recognizing and naming with their Latin names hundreds of pieces of plants that were scattered in the exam room – roots, stems, branches, leaves, flowers, etc. Besides, not only do I know the plants when I meet them in nature but I also know what their healing properties can be … Such books already exist but my own will be based on many years of personal experience and will present the medicines in a little known aspect …

The other book will include descriptions of over 300 successful cases cured by my method. The main focus of the book is to make the link between human chemistry and classical homeopathy. There will be many concrete examples of combining the so-called “classical homeopathy” with the application of various detox preparations, bodily substances, etc., to help the readers realise how homeopathy has worked before and what healing options are available by applying the new medicines.

Years ago, when I was starting my practice, I was treating my patients in the classic way, but after some improvement they were returning to me with the same complaints. I gave them the classic preparations again, and they once again had some effect, but did not heal them permanently. Then I started with HDT – so we acted with both classical methods and HDT. The combination was stronger – my patients did not come back again, they were cured.

These will be some highlights of my new books! We already have an agreement with “Anhira” Publishing House for these books to appear in Bulgaria too!

An interview by Eli Horozova

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